Workshops & Classes


Fran provides workshops to early childhood educators and music teachers/performers on:

  • The link between music and early literacy skills
  • Development of language, concepts and social skills through use of thematic music and books

When songs are paired with books, visual materials and movement activities, children can develop language, basic concepts and early literacy skills while increasing self–esteem and building community with others.  Songs and books presented are a combination of original and traditional songs along with published and self-published books.  The materials are paired with movement activities which reinforce the concepts and language presented in the books, visual materials and songs.  This approach captures the child’s interest and imagination while they are also learning essential skills cognitively and socially.  It is a method that enlivens the classroom (and the teacher!), as the children learn how to “read to sing” and “sing to read” independently, with peers or in a group. 

Workshops for Teachers are available in a variety of topics including:

  • The link between music and literacy in early learning
  • Music to teach early childhood skills in the thematic classroom
  • Providing early childhood music to reach all learners

View a sample teacher workshop.

Classroom Workshops are available for Pre-K and Kindergarten in a variety of configurations including:

  • Music session using books to collaborate with classroom theme or learning emphasis; art project or classroom book may be developed from music session
  • Music session as above; also may include simple song-writing with children. For example, using an existing song and creating new words or ideas based on the classroom theme.
  • A combination of the two activities listed above

View sample classroom workshops.

Workshop content, duration and fee are determined based on the needs of the contracting school. For further information, contact Fran.


Fran offers the preschool music classes through the following options in the central Wisconsin area:

Screen Porch Music sessions:

  • Musikgarten classes available for families and preschools. Please contact Fran for further information.

Central Wisconsin Children’s Museum sessions:

  • Thursdays 10:00am

These music sessions are a combination of Fran’s teaching in early childhood development, her original songs and books, as well as traditional and varied children performers to provide a music and learning experience to engage young children.  The emphasis is on early music skills, language development, cognitive and social skill development and early literacy skills interspersed with movementan essential vehicle for the early learner.  Add the delight which occurs when children share music in community, and the learning blossoms!

For further information on classes, contact Fran.